(Image Information: World War II: Short Story: One cold winter evening, an old woman sat by the window staring at the garden. She smiled as she saw he two boys run around the front yard playing with themselves. What would she make the boys for lunch today? The older son's favorite lunch meal was a turkey sandwich while the younger son rather enjoyed a ham sandwich. Suddenly, she heard a small scream from outside. "Are you guys okay?" she asked as she rushed out the front door. A cold hollow wind passed by but nothing. It had been three years since the army officers came to deliver her son's helmets. Three years since the war ended.  Tweet: Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell Author's Note: The short story is something I came up with myself as I was watching an old war film. I cannot imagine the number of mothers that waited days and nights for their sons or husbands to return from war. I th

Tech Tip

 For this tech tip, I decided to go with the bloggerprofile. In this exercise, I was able to change my profile picture that displays to the world. I chose the picture of my cat, Ziggy, who is sitting on the recliner in such position that is so human. This picture is my profile picture for numerous other accounts that I have on the internet and I think it is a decent representation of how I feel most of the time: relaxed and annoyed.  (Image Information: Personal Photo of my cat, Ziggy. Photo taken sometime in 2018) 

Wikipedia Trail

Image -Baker Mayfield is our beloved former quarterback of the Oklahoma Sooners, now the Cleveland Browns. -This is the NFL team in which Baker plays quarterback for. -Alex Van Pelt is the offensive coordinator for the Cleveland Browns. -Dan Marino is the legendary former quarterback of the Miami Dolphins.  (Image Information: Focused Baker Mayfield